Our Partners

Tycol in its drive to provide efficient service to its numerous clients has acquired numerous technical partners to support its technical base. Our technical partners include:

  • Donaldson Filtrations, UK. Manufactures of filtration systems. http://www.donaldson.com/index.html
  • Foundrometers, UK. Manufacturers of Tachometers.
  • Drill Master Inc,
  • Babbitting Services Inc, USA. Manufacturers of Bearings and Parts of Rotating Equipment. http://www.babbitting.com/
  • Roten Seals, UK. Manufacturer of mechanical seals for pumps. http://www.roten.it/inglese/who.html
  • TW Engineering, Makers of oil field tools. http://www.twengineering.co.uk/
  • Hongye Chemical, China. Manufacturer of Furfural and other chemicals. http://www.hongyechem.com/en/index.aspx
  • Atlas Copco Company. Manufacturer of dryers.
  • Yokogawa, Belgium. Manufacturer of flowmeters, analyzers, transmitters, controllers, recorders, data acquisition, portable test instruments and meters.
  • TLV, US. Manufacturers of Steam traps.
  • Macchi, Europe. Makers of Boilers for the oil and gas plants.
  • Europower. OEM for Turbines and Power Generators.
  • Plibrico, Japan. Makers of Refractory Materials for FCC units.
  • Delta Controls. Expertise in Instrumentations.
  • Rohn & Hass. Manufacturer of Power Plants Resins
  • Mentron Energy Application, Greece. Metering Station Specialist
  • SPX. Manufacturer of Cooling Towers.
  • Neptune Research Inc, West Palm Beach. Pipe laying
  • Godwin Pumps. Expert in Fire Pump
  • Environ-Klean Remediation Group, Canada. Remediation of Sludge Pits.
  • Oeltechic. Manufacturer of Heat Exchangers.
  • Sun Steel, Japan. Manufacturer of Heat Exchanger Tubes & Boilers.
  • Det-tronics, France. Specialize in fire & Security Solution.
  • Burckhardt Compression AG, Switzerland. Manufacturer of Compressors.
  • Bacou-Dalloz, Specialize in Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Cameron. Houston, Texas. Expert in Compression System.
  • JLS International, USA. Quality equipment for the Process Industries
  • Agassiz Water Services, Fargo. Fire Hydrant Specialist

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