Our Products and Services

Maintenance and Revamp Services:

Tycol Provides technical Services to all the major players in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Sector. In the downstream sector; we supply, erect, install all related Oil Process Equipments and components for Refineries and Petrochemical Plants. Some of the equipments that we have installed and currently maintain include:

  • Compressors
  • Turbines
  • Boilers
  • Pumps (Waste Water Pumps, Lift Pumps, Fire Water Pumps etc.)
  • Air-fin Cooler (Retubing, Cleaning etc)
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Towers and Columns and several more.

Over the years, Tycol Services has attained a position of quality and integrity within the Engineering Industry. At the Nigeria’s National Petroleum Company, we are ranked as preferred products and services provider. Moreover, our services come with a guarantee of quality and excellence.


Procurement Services:

In this global village, Tycol, in its strife to provide optimum procurement services to all its clients, is able to procure equipments within reasonable notice from anywhere. Relying on the strength of our sales and distribution network and our comprehensive partnerships with a wide network of Original Equipment Manufacturers we have grown this division to encompass engineering equipments of any type, material or application. Our services in this division include:

  • Supply of Rotating and Static Equipments (Pumps, Compressors, Valves, Controls).
  • Instrumentation Equipment likes Transmitters, Flow Meters, Gauges, Level Controls, Detectors, Etc.
  • Heat Exchangers and Air Flow Cooler bundles and spares.
  • Flow Ejectors/Educator.
  • Detectors, Etc.
  • Boiler Tubes and Accessories.
  • Heat Exchangers and Air Flow Cooler bundles and spares.
  • Flow Ejections.
  • Power Plant and Resins.
  • Refractory Materials
  • Electrical cables
  • Boiler Tubes and Accessories.
  • Power Plant and Resins.
  • Refractory Materials and tools

In addition, we are partnered with a wide range of local and global manufacturers, who strategically compliment our procurement services.

Tycol Stands Out from other similar equipment suppliers in that we are able to draw upon our experience in the engineering industry to accurately elicit our client’s procurement requirements, determine their specifications and deliver optimum solutions on time. Furthermore, we are able to provide installation, commissioning and critical maintenance of the equipments we provide.

We are currently distributors of the following products:

  • Compressors.
  • Turbines.
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Air-fin Coolers.
  • Column Internals
  • Valves.
  • Transmitters, Flow and Level Controls, Pneumatic System.
  • Tachometers
  • Positioners
  • Oil Process Equipments/Turbo Machines for Petrochemical Industries.
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Water and Chemical Process Pumps
  • Poly Aluminum Chloride
  • And many more…


Pipelines Engineering and Utilities:

  • Equipment and Flow Line Maintenance.
  • Pipe Works.
  • Instrumentation and Flow line Constructions.


Civil Engineering:

Tycol has accumulated many years of experience in the execution of complex Civil Engineering works including:

  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Weirs
  • Oil Storage Tanks
  • Foundations
  • Concrete storage tanks
  • Earth Dams
  • Etc.

Civil Engineering construction comprises part of our earliest core – competence portfolio and over the past decades, we have perfected our art and are able to execute highly complex projects in difficult terrain over a short period of time. Many of our previous projects in this sector have attracted high profile commendations and have contributed enormously to the Tycol success story. Civil engineering construction also accounts for the largest block of our yearly turnover.


Water Resources Engineering:

Our Water Resources Engineering arm renders consulting and construction services to the Nigerian Federal and State Governments. Tycol is an established player in the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and our employees have many years of experience executing projects in this field. Our clientele enjoy quality and efficient services in water prospecting, treatment, drilling, storage and distribution.

In addition, we have extensive experience in the design and construction of:

  • Earth Dams, Dykes and Weirs.
  • Borehole Drilling
  • Installation of Water Treatment Plants
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants.
  • Sewage and Sewerage Plants,
  • Storage Plants (both Steel and Concrete).
  • Water Distribution including main pipelines – up to 1000mm
  • Installation of pumps associated with Rural/Urban Water Schemes.
  • Sewage works including stabilization of ponds.
  • Flood Controls and Erosion Management.

The above list is no way exhaustive. Indeed, we at Tycol Engineering are confident that we will be able to successfully execute your Water Engineering project, whatever and wherever it may be.


Electrical Engineering:

Tycol Limited has a great wealth of experience in Electrical Engineering. Our in-house Engineers have a combined experience of over 40 years. We currently have the experience and technical capacity to provide the following engineering services:

  • Conceptual Design and Equipment Specifications
  • Start up assistance
  • Construction Management
  • Erection, testing and commissioning of Substations;
  • Transmission Lines
  • Installation of Power and Distribution Transformers, and Concrete poles
  • Construction of HT/LT Distribution Lines
  • Laying Underground cables.

Whilst Electrical Engineering projects have not formed the core of Tycol’s business area, we have recently begun a rapid expansion into other engineering areas particularly the Electrical Engineering market. Please see the section on our expansion strategy for more information.

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